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Update 10:

A great way to start the season!

all in all I am excited to say that I made it to New Zealand!

Here's a update from the New Zealand competition!

New Zealand was amazing to say the least. Being my first place to go out of the states, New Zealand has become a home away from home!

Making my international debut, there where two days of competition. These events were apart of the Audi Quattro series. Both of these events was my first time at a official Banked slalom competition.

Day one was the southern hemisphere cup. A qualification day for the World Cup. My goal was to have fun! Make memories, learn what i can and ride the best i can. At the ending of the race, i learned that not only did i qualify for the world cup, but I took gold!

On World Cup day my goals where similar, only the best can come from smiles and fun! With 10 Countries attending it made for a epic race. After finishing my last run, my excitement was lit again as i saw my name was first! A great way to start my first competing season, leaving New Zealand with two gold medals!

This event was labeled as a Paralympic qualifier. And although I won both days, nothing is set in stone. Because I am still new to the sport I am working with a point system. Words from the US Paralympic snowboard coach "I want to see you at every competition this season" I am working hard to make it happen! If I can make similar results at the next competition as to New Zealand's. I will officially be named to the US Snowboard team!

I hope this can share a smile! Thank you to all who have sent prayers, donated and supported me in making my snowboarding a reality!


Noah Elliott

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