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Update 5:

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Me with my running prosthetic! Pictures by zach kasmerick

Thanks to all of my supporters!! For presenting me nothing but love!! Let's recap! 2016 has showed me beautiful things, I've worked hard and it's time to work even harder! I am more than happy to say, that I have received two exciting prosthetics this fall. I recently reached out to a group called amputee blade runners, where I was invited to attend prosthetic appointments to receive a prosthetic running leg! I must say they treated me 5 star by educating me more about prosthetic equipment and running factors. I am now a running tigger! I must admit the prosthetic blade is very entertaining & bouncy. :D

being active has always been me. I am now running almost everyday preparing me for the snow! It's a pleasure to announce that we have pretty much met the goal! For Paralympics! I have filled out scholarships to help cover the rest of the costs needed for training for the Paralympics. I am extremely fortunate to say that I now have a special prosthetic for snowboarding!!!

When a loss of a limb occurs but the new amputee is use to being active,ones activity Can be limited due to the absence of prosthetic equipment. I have worked hard, asked around & done research on how to get these prosthetic devices. Now that I have one I am this much closer to being on snow to train.

I have spoke with some of the snowboarding coaches for Paralympic training and they are looking forward to seeing me soon!! I am going out to start my training ASAP! As I said before now that it's getting close I will be doing more frequent updates with photos to share with you all our road to the Paralympics!! I can't express in words how genuinely thankful I am for all of your support! I hope This can make you smile! I appreciate your love & support in helping me become one of your next Paralympic athletes!!

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