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Update 6:

Climbing to new heights!! Me after I climbed a giant rock to watch the sunrise and seen the super moon!'

Just want to say thanks!! Over the past few years and weeks I have learned some Crystal clear knowledge of my self, outlook on life, & my set goals. Everyday I awake I have learned to count my blessing.

Because there has always has and always will be times when all I see is my dreams. It astonishes me to feel the presence of so many good people & support. I have truly made my way to the start of my training for races & Paralympics. With the least to say I couldn't have done it without you! Every soul I have come in contact with at this point, has prepared me for my next journey.

I recently moved to park city, where I have started a job I love & am creating a road map of what I need to accomplish to make Paralympics a reality!

I am enthusiastic to inform you , that I am now officially apart of team UT snowboarding. I have gotten to meet with A spectacular organization called the N.A.C that is a great encirclement of people with amazing outlooks! The N.A.C and team UT will be helping me train on & off snow where I will be learning more of my strengths along with self building with my faults. I sincerely thank you all for your shares, love & gratitude you show! I will be posting more up dates as I will be "climbing to new heights!!!"

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