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Update 7:

From left to right - myself , mike shae Paralympic medalist , Keith Gabel Paralympic medalist!

A new road, a new map! Lately I have been busy with training on every aspect of my riding. I am super stoked to say that I will be working my best to make it to national races in a march! I am fortunate enough to say that recently I was able to ride with two of the biggest athletes in para snowboarding! It was a ride for the books no doubt! These dudes where giving me tips & education with every turn, a great all around man Keith gabel has showed me much with only a few days together! Hearing from a Paralympic medalist who swept poles in Sochi that he sees potential in me as well as my riding, Has pushed me to strive for my hardest training yet. The energy of such good people around me has reminded me what a beautiful thing it is to be active! Knowing I still have a long road ahead of me. I have started watching clips of my training to make video analysis. I am beginning to make a solid road map in my riding. Although As I begin to build myself I can't help but express my gratitude for all of my supporters love smiles & donations in helping me raise awareness, As well as ease the burdens off fees. I am looking forward to possibly one day becoming a role model for others, such as Keith has been to me. showing people such as our selfs what's possible, I will continue to post updates about my riding & nationals as the info begins to show. thank you all for your thoughts & generosity!

Sincerely, Noah Elliott Your cancer surviving kid

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