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Update 9:

A summer season goal,

The newest information that i have received has put me into all wheel drive. I have learned about the events that i must attend to make my snowboarding career a reality. there is a international classification event at the new Zealand world cup at the beginning of the season. now being that this is a Paralympic year approaching everyone will be there. I believe that my drive & determination will help lead me to success, I am currently all in making a plan to create the results i need to see in new Zealand. with some help i have come up with an overall estimate for costs set that's needed for me to appear! my total is going to be about 3000 and i have no worries because im confident we will make it. I am currently working two jobs although this will not be enough. i see a bolder way to work together to achieve ultimate success in all of our lives. I was taught when growing up that A tree has no flowers without its roots. I am picking up a 3rd and maybe a 4th job to land my board where its needed. Even so i cant do this alone. I will need all of your help, ideas & support to make the funds required for the world cup. I know we are making the world a better place in the simplest ways. although i am still sharing what I can do, are you sharing what you can do?


Noah Elliott

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