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Hear My Story

Public speaking is a huge part of my life that I hold near and dear to my heart. I started public speaking in 2014, sharing my story at events that helped raise funds for non profits. These non-profits helped send kids with cancer on trips and outings to help get their minds off of childhood cancer. After being a part of such an amazing cause, I found my passion for public speaking. I vividly remember a speaking engagement I did at a golf outing fundraiser in Missouri. A woman from the crowd approached me in tears after hearing me speak. She talked of her similar experience and how she felt changed by hearing me speak about my story. The conversation I had with her illustrated the importance of public speaking in my life.  


Since 2014, I have spoken at many different fundraisers, events, business meetings and gatherings. I attend weekly Toast Master Meets to improve upon my speaking and story. I speak on perseverance, a walk with death, loss, a thrill seeking passion, the reason behind my motivation and standing a-top the worlds biggest stage as a Team USA Gold medalist. 

Please contact me with any speaking inquiries.
Las Vegas, Nevada 2019

I met Gwen Stefani in Las Vegas at an event I spoke at for Berkshire Hathway. 

Union High school
 Missouri 2018

Spoke at high school after I won medals at the Olympics.

Monroe Elementary
St.Charles, Missouri

I spoke to an elementary school about the Olympic games and my journey of getting there!

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